Credit checks and your car subscription

What is a credit check? Does car subscription require a credit check? We explain how credit checks work - and how you won’t need one to start your Onto car subscription.

If you’ve applied for a traditional lease, you’ll know that a credit check is usually part of the application process. The financing company will want to ensure that you have a history of being able to make consistent payments, so they’ll use the information in your credit history to determine this.

In this article, we’ll explain how the credit check process works, what information your credit history could include, and how a car subscription with Onto offers access to electric cars - without a credit check.


  • A credit check includes details about your credit history.
  • Soft credit checks provide broad overviews while hard credit checks include the full details.
  • A car subscription with Onto does not require a credit check - just an affordability background check as part of your registration.

What is a credit check?

A credit check is a look at your credit history. There are two primary types of credit checks: soft credit checks and hard credit checks. 

Generally, soft credit checks are done before you make an application for financing - they can give an estimate of what you could qualify for. Hard checks are completed when you decide to apply for financing for definitive assessments of your eligibility.

We’ve summarised the main points of the two types of credit checks below:

Soft credit check

  • Gives an overview of your financial eligibility.
  • Usually based on information you provide.
  • Completed when you get insurance quotes or check your own credit report.
  • No impact on your credit score.
  • Recorded but not visible to companies viewing your full credit report.

Hard credit check

  • Provides an in-depth record of your financial history.
  • Based on information accessed by a financial institutions, including your complete credit history, with outstanding debts, late or missed payments, and repossessions or bankruptcies.
  • Completed when you apply for a loan or a mortgage.
  • Can have a negative impact on your credit if too many are completed in a short time frame - it can look as though you’re applying for too many types of financing or relying too heavily on credit.
  • Recorded and visible to companies accessing your full credit report.

Does car subscription require a credit check?

A car subscription with Onto does not require a credit check. Instead, as part of your eligibility for registration, you will be required to pass our affordability background check.

Dealers use hard credit checks as part of the financing process. A car subscription is not a form of financing, so we don’t use the same kinds of checks.

Car subscription without a credit check

When you register with Onto, you’ll be able to book your first electric car and take advantage of your all-inclusive subscription - all without a traditional hard credit check.

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