Terms & Conditions

Registration Terms and Conditions

1. If the Driver does not meet our Driver Qualification Criteria or does not agree to these terms and conditions then the Driver may not, under any circumstances, access or use any of Onto’s vehicles.

2. By successfully completing the registration process, signing our hire agreement (if a consumer or business customer) and using or taking delivery of an Onto vehicle; the Driver warrants that the Driver Criteria have been met.

3. Drivers will strictly adhere to all user and other conditions relating to the use of an Onto vehicle listed below.

4. Enquiries related to these terms should be made via email at [email protected] or by telephone at 0345 0348 647.

5. Onto reserves the right to change its Registration Terms and Conditions from time to time, the most current version can be accessed on the website.

6. Onto will give notice of change of terms to Drivers in a timely manner and Onto “change of terms” notices will be considered given when such notice is:

6.1 Indicated and accessible from the first page from Driver log-on to the Onto website.

6.2 Indicated and accessible when the Driver uses the Onto app.

6.3 Provided by email to the Driver’s email address.

7. The Driver may terminate membership with Onto within fourteen (14) days of delivery of a change of terms notice.

8. A change of terms notice will be deemed to have been accepted by the driver after fourteen (14) days of delivery of notice.

9. If a Driver informs Onto in writing that he or she wishes to terminate this  Registration Agreement, this Agreement will end the earlier of thirty (30) days after receipt of Driver’s notice of termination or, if an Onto vehicle is on hire to the Driver at the time such notice is given, the end of the hire agreement (whichever is sooner). 

10. On termination the Driver will cease to have access to the Onto platform and the Onto app. 

11. Drivers using an Onto vehicle under a business use arrangement, i.e. a business user, must obtain the permission of the Business Hirer before terminating their registration, as a business hire agreement will not terminate and the Business Hirer will need to nominate a replacement Driver.

12. If Onto terminates this Agreement for a reason stated under the section headed Termination below, any non-business hire agreement will also be terminated by Onto.

Driver Qualification Criteria

A named Driver must meet the following criteria:

1. Full UK/EU Driving Licence:  1 year.

2. Resident in the UK: 1 year.

3. Drivers aged between 25 – 85 years (or 30 – 85 years for Premium/Tier 4 vehicles)

4. No more than 6 penalty points in the last 3 years (minor convictions).

5. All major motoring convictions must be referred.

6. Not banned from driving within the last 5 years.

7. No more than 1 fault claim within the last 3 years.

To be eligible to hire an Onto vehicle the Driver must not: 

1. Have been refused motor vehicle insurance or continuance thereof.

2. Use the vehicle for any commercial gain, business or occupation outside of travel to and from a place of permanent employment, occasional other journeys to employment meetings that are not intended for direct personal gain or use for social, domestic or pleasure.

3. Use the vehicle on a safari or an off-road adventure trail or any form of motor racing.

4. Have suffered from any disability or medical condition which has not been notified to the DVLA or which has been notified and resulted in the refusal of a driving licence.

5. Have during the last 5 years been convicted of, or has a pending prosecution for, any offence or combination of offences which resulted in, or may result in, more than 6 penalty points on the Driver’s driving licence or which resulted in, or may result in, a loss of licence or suspension or ban from driving.

Satisfying the eligibility criteria does not automatically give an applicant the right to become an Onto Driver: 

1. Acceptance of the Driver’s registration application is subject to approval by Onto at its sole discretion.

2. An application may be denied based upon additional criteria established from time to time by Onto and its insurance providers.

3. A Driver may, at Onto’s sole discretion, be restricted from driving certain Onto vehicles based upon the Driver’s driving history and experience.

4. Onto reserves the right to terminate membership with notice for any breach under the qualification criteria, which will be deemed to be a breach of a material term under the Termination section below.

5. The Driver must accurately, truthfully and fully complete the application process and deliver all information and documents required under the application process.

6. The Driver must accurately, truthfully and fully inform Onto of any changes to the criteria listed above or of any other reason that might affect qualification at any time after and during the hire of an Onto vehicle.

Monitoring Driver Criteria

1. For the duration of this Agreement, Onto will monitor a Driver’s continued compliance with the Driver Qualification Criteria. In order to do so, Onto may ask a Driver for a DVLA check code in order that Onto may access the Driver’s DVLA records and ask Driver to re-confirm compliance with the Driver Criteria. Onto will limit the frequency of its requests to no more than once a month, unless Onto becomes aware of a road traffic offence that  gives Onto reasonable cause to undertake an additional DVLA check.       

Registration Fee

1. A registration fee could be charged at the point of booking.

Standard Hire Package

1. The Vehicle is provided for hire inclusive of: (a) the ability to charge with the national charging networks with whom we have arrangements, such as Shell Recharge (free of charge)*, InstaVolt (available as a bolt-on) and Tesla Supercharger (applicable for Teslas only); (b) maintenance of the Vehicle, being regular service or maintenance in line with manufacturer recommendations (including Roadside Assistance), and (c) fully comprehensive insurance cover.
*If you select a no-charging subscription, this won’t apply.

Optional Services (“Bolt-Ons”)

Mileage Bolt-On

1. Mileage is included in the standard package at 750 miles per month. Charges will apply for mileage incurred in excess of 750 miles per month.

2. If it is likely that a Driver will exceed 750 miles per month, an additional mileage package can be purchased in advance which can consist of 250, 500, 750 or 1000 additional miles.

3. Onto’s current prices for optional mileage packages and excess charges are available on its website, https://on.to/blog/how-mileage-works-with-onto.

Additional Driver 

1. Once authorised by Onto, a Driver must not allow any other person to drive an Onto vehicle or to access their Onto app unless an Additional Driver is added by way of taking an additional bolt-on service to the hire agreement. If an Additional Driver is added, the Additional Driver will need to enter into a registration agreement and references in this Agreement to “Driver”, will include any “Additional Driver”.

Non-UK Travel Bolt-On

1. If you wish to take an Onto vehicle outside of the UK (this includes the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey and Republic of Ireland, in addition to mainland Europe including Switzerland), please contact our customer service team and they will send you a form to complete so that a VE103 can be prepared, this gives you permission to use the vehicle outside the UK. Please make sure you complete this form at least 14 days before your intended journey. You will also require a ”green card” evidencing that the vehicle is insured for use outside the UK and an extension to our roadside assistance package. See our website for the applicable charges.

2. A Driver may need an International Driving Permit in some countries, please check the Gov UK website.        

Use of Personal Data

1. Onto will collect personal information from Drivers during our relationship. Drivers must read our privacy notice and cookie policy for full details on how we will use the personal information we collect from Drivers. More information is available on its website, https://on.to/about-us/privacy-policy/

2. Onto track all Onto vehicles for security reasons and will collect personal information from Drivers during the period of hire.

3. Onto may provide personal information of Drivers to our logistic providers, the DVLA, local authorities and other relevant organisations seeking to collect any fines or penalties including private parking operators.

4. Onto may use telematics to track certain aspects of driving behaviour. This information will be used to allocate a Driver with a score (“Driver Score”). A poor Driver Score may trigger a further investigation into a Driver’s driving behaviour and treatment of an Onto vehicle. See the section on Driver Performance in the section below.

Care of Onto vehicle including Insurance Excess

Care of Onto Vehicle 

1. The Driver is responsible for how the vehicle is driven. Road Traffic and other offences committed under the Road Traffic Law that can be directly attributed to the Driver will be the responsibility of the Driver, including the payment of any fines or penalties.

2. Onto includes insurance as part of its standard hire package and the Customer’s  liability for damages in the event of an insurance claim will generally be limited to the standard damage excess charge as stated in the Hire Agreement.

3. Onto’s insurance cover satisfies the requirements of the relevant law applicable in Great Britain and Northern Ireland to insure against liabilities for death, bodily injury and property damage caused by, or arising out of, the use of a vehicle on the road in Great Britain and Northern Ireland only.

4. Onto’s insurer’s significant exclusions and limitations are:

4.1 Loss or damage to the Vehicle arising from theft or attempted theft if the Driver has left the vehicle unlocked and active.

4.2 Accidental death of or injury to any person when a third party is liable.

4.3 The cover provided for damage to property is limited to £10,000,000 in respect of any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising out of one event. This limit is increased to £20,000,000 for any incident involving a private motor car. 

4.4 Onto’s insurance cover does not include coverage for any loss of, or damage to, any goods in or on the vehicle or in or any goods in or on any third-party vehicle.

5. Driver agrees to comply with the above stated insurance exclusions and limitations and will be responsible for the full cost of any accident or incident  including all damages incurred if Onto’s insurance is invalidated due to a breach of these terms and conditions by the Driver. 

6. Any breach of the “Prohibited Use” terms and conditions contained in Schedule 1  below may invalidate Onto’s insurance cover and will be regarded as a material breach of this Agreement which may result in termination of this Agreement. 

7. The Driver is responsible for the safe installation of vehicle accessories that will be used during the hire period (and removed at the end of the hire period) and must check their condition before each use.

Insurance Excess

8. Drivers must comply with the Accidents and Collision Procedure as set out in Schedule 2 below.

9. If the Driver is involved in an incident whilst in charge of an Onto vehicle, a charge will apply (Insurance Excess). The amount of the Insurance Excess will be stated in the Hire Agreement but is currently £1,000. 

10. If the Driver is also the hirer, the Insurance Excess will be charged to the Driver after prior notification using the debit or credit card which the Driver has used to register with Onto. Otherwise, Onto’s customer will be asked to pay the Insurance Excess.

11. If the cost of the repair is less than the Insurance Excess, the customer will be refunded any remaining balance. 

12. If Onto recover the Insurance Excess from the third party’s insurers on conclusion of an investigation by Onto or its Insurers, the customer will receive a full refund of the Insurance Excess.

Duration and Termination

1. This Registration Agreement shall commence upon Onto sending a confirmation email to the Driver and if applicable, the acceptance by Onto of the registration fee. It will continue for at least 12 months, if no hire agreement has been entered into either during the first 12 months of this Agreement or for a period 12 consecutive months after a hire agreement has ended, this Registration Agreement will automatically terminate.

2. Onto may terminate this Registration Agreement on giving written notice should the Driver fail to comply with any material term or condition specified in this Agreement. 

3. Onto, upon written notice to the Driver, acting reasonably, may also terminate this Registration Agreement should the Driver engage in any conduct or activity that Onto deems inappropriate, negligent, offensive, abusive or otherwise unacceptable and for poor Driver performance

4. Driver, upon written notice to Onto, may also terminate this Registration Agreement after a change of terms, if the Driver is using an Onto vehicle at the time the Driver gives notice this Agreement will terminate at the end of the hire period. A business user should obtain the Hirer’s consent before terminating the Registration Agreement as registration as a Driver is a requirement for use of an Onto vehicle

General Provisions

1. All terms and conditions in this Registration Agreement are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England & Wales.

2. If you are a consumer and live in Scotland you can bring legal proceedings in respect of this Agreement in either the Scottish court or the courts of England & Wales. If you are a consumer and live in Northern Ireland you can bring legal proceedings in respect of this Agreement in either the Northern Irish court or the courts of England & Wales, otherwise the courts of England & Wales will have jurisdiction to handle any disputes that cannot be settled amicably. 

3. This Agreement is personal to the Driver. The driver may not transfer his or her rights and obligations under it to any other person. Onto may transfer or assign any of our rights and/or responsibilities under this Agreement to any other person and at any time.

4. Onto may decide, from time to time, not to enforce some or all or any of its rights under this Agreement. If it does so, Onto will not be prevented from subsequently enforcing those or other rights. 

5. If the Driver has any questions or complaints about an Onto vehicle or otherwise, please contact Onto’s 24-hour customer service team at 0345 0348 647 or write to us at [email protected] or the postal address on our website.

6. If you have a complaint, we will attempt to settle this amicably and to the satisfaction of both parties. Our complaint resolution process will be conducted in strict confidence and will be the subject of a review by a senior manager. If a settlement is reached, such settlement will remain confidential to the parties.

Schedule 1: Prohibited Uses

The use of an Onto vehicle is prohibited under the following conditions:

1. Use of an Onto vehicle off-road, or for racing, pacemaking, testing the vehicle's reliability or speed, teaching someone to drive or in connection with motor rallies, competitions or trials.

2. Use the vehicle on safari or on an off-road adventure trail.

3. Use an Onto vehicle for private hire or otherwise profit from the use of the vehicle as a taxi or a courier.

4. Towing of any trailer or other vehicle.

5. By any person who is under the influence of alcohol or any drug or medication under the effects of which the operation of a vehicle is prohibited or not recommended.

6. In the carrying out of any crime or for any other illegal activity or purpose.

7. In an imprudent, negligent, or abusive manner or any other abnormal use of the vehicle.

8. By any person who has provided Onto with false information or whose representations are determined to be false including, without limitation, regarding his/her name, age, or address.

9. Carrying more passengers than the designed seating capacity of the vehicle.

10. Carrying baggage or other items that would cause the vehicle to be overloaded.

11. Carrying or transporting any hazardous, toxic, flammable, dangerous or illegal materials.

12. Driving while using a mobile communication device that may distract you from driving, including driving while texting, emailing, using a cell phone without a hands-free device or otherwise engaging in similar activities that may be prohibited by applicable law.

13. Smoking is strictly prohibited in an Onto vehicle. 

14. You can take your pet in your Onto car. You must ensure that your pet leaves no scratch marks, dirt, or hair behind. You will have to pay an additional cleaning fee if this happens. For safety, we always recommend using a transport box for your pet and placing it in the boot.

15. Drivers must not make any modifications to an Onto vehicle.

16. Disconnect the vehicle from the internet.

17. Disconnect passenger airbags or assisted braking/autonomous emergency braking or other manufacturer safety features.

Schedule 2: Operating Procedures and Driver’s Obligations

Vehicle Delivery 

1. Prior to taking possession of a vehicle, Drivers must do an exterior walk-around and an interior look-over and submit any damage through the App. 

2. Before driving the vehicle, you must notify Onto of damage or any indication of mechanical defect. 

Vehicle On- Hire:


3. When using a vehicle, Drivers must follow the owner manual's instructions. You should report the following to Onto:

3.1 Any warning lights that stay on after the ignition is engaged.

3.2 Indication of leaking fluids near the vehicle.

3.3 Cracks or chips in the windscreen.

3.4 Missing or inoperable signal or driving lighting.

3.5 Broken or missing rear-view mirrors.

3.6 Any other condition that may render the vehicle unsafe to operate.

3.7 If you observe any damage during your use of the vehicle you are required to inform Onto of such damage.

4. Any misuse of the vehicle or unreported damage will be considered by Onto to be evidence of Driver negligence. Damages caused by Driver negligence are not limited to the damage excess charge, as negligent use is not covered by Onto’s insurance.

5. Any public charging membership cards must remain in the vehicle and/or be returned to their designated position within the vehicle. They must not be used with any other vehicle.

6. The vehicle must be locked using the Onto key app (or if applicable, key card) when it is not in use during your period of use.

7. You must report any damage or faults. A damage fee may apply but is not limited to, dents, scratches, collisions, flat tyres, windshield cracks, engine problems, or vandalism.

8. Drivers must monitor the performance of the vehicle and must, if service or maintenance is reasonably required, inform Onto using 0345 0348 647.

Tyre damage

9. Onto will replace the vehicle tyre if the tread is below 2mm. 

10. Tyre puncture repairs are not included and if a tyre technician deems a tyre unfit for use or unrepairable, the tyre will have to be replaced and will be charged. 

11. A replacement tyre must be a new tyre, fitted by a tyre technician and must match the brand and specification of the original tyre.

12. A call-out fee may apply for tyre repairs or replacements in the event the repair or replacement is required urgently or at the roadside.

Roadside Assistance

13. Onto provides 24/7 Roadside Assistance support as part of our service. If required call Onto on 0345 0348 647.

14. Unusual noises or driving feel or any other problems, including but not limited to; warning lights, indicators, inappropriate or strange engine or other mechanical sounds, performance changes or unusual driving feel, must be reported to Onto as soon as noted by calling 0345 0348 647

15. Failure to report such irregularities during the use of an Onto vehicle may result in an investigation which could lead to the Driver’s suspension or termination of registration as well as the Driver is responsible for any damages resulting from the continued use of the vehicle despite such irregularities. 

16. All breakdowns, accidents or similar incidents involving Onto vehicles must be reported to Onto immediately by phone to 0345 0348 647

Vehicle Return

1. Customers will be charged for the hire of the vehicle until the Driver has successfully locked and put the Onto vehicle on charge if there is a charger at the return location.

2. Drivers must ensure the interior and exterior of the vehicle is clean on return. Additional cleaning may be required if we have given you permission to carry pets in the vehicle and if not done, a charge may be applied.

3. The Driver must check that he or she has not left any personal belongings in the Onto vehicle. Personal belongings left in the vehicle remain your responsibility at all times and we accept no responsibility for such. If you would like your personal belongings to be returned, an administration fee of £25 and postage fee will apply.

4. All loose items, including but not limited to, charge network cards, charging cables, parcel shelves, floor mats etc, must be returned with the vehicle.

Stolen Vehicles

1. Stolen vehicles must be reported immediately to Onto by phone at 0345 0348 647.

Road Traffic collision and other Incidents

1. In the event of a collision or other incident, as soon as reasonably practicable, the Driver must report the collision or incident to Onto’s insurers. Please call Onto on 0345 0348 647 and select the relevant option to report the collision or incident.

2. Depending upon the severity of the collision or incident, the Driver may also be required to fill out and obtain an official police report form

3. Drivers must provide to Onto and any claims adjustment service, the findings of any uninsured third party driver report or any notice relating to a claim or a lawsuit against Onto regarding any collision or incident involving an Onto vehicle.

4. Drivers agree to cooperate fully with Onto and its insurers in the investigation and defence of any claim or lawsuit.

Courtesy Car Terms & Conditions

1. In the case of a claim and subsequent repair reported via our insurer, or any scenario whereby the vehicle requires roadside assistance/recovery, you will be contacted directly by our partner who will arrange for your onward mobility and the provision of a courtesy vehicle at a time and location to be agreed directly with you.

2. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure you and your passengers safety and assist you with your onward journey, Onto and our partners cannot guarantee the immediate availability of courtesy cars, or that any courtesy car will be a like-for-like model of your vehicle, nor that it will be an EV.

3. Onto will endeavour to keep you mobile whilst your Onto vehicle is being serviced, having mechanical repairs, collision damage or bodywork repairs carried out by an Onto nominated Dealership or Authorised Repairer. This includes, if appropriate and subject to availability, provision of a courtesy vehicle by its nominated Dealerships or Authorised Repairers.

4. You must comply with our terms and conditions regarding maintenance and repair in order for this service to be provided. Courtesy Cars will not be provided in the event of negligence or where the customer is in breach of our terms and conditions of hire.

5. We will endeavour to provide a replacement Onto vehicle if you are in a courtesy vehicle for more than 7 days. This vehicle will become your permanent replacement, and you will not receive your original vehicle back.  

6. Courtesy cars may be subject to the specific requirements of the provider of the vehicle - these will be aligned with the Onto minimum requirements, but it is the driver's responsibility to ensure compliance with these requirements.

7. Courtesy cars are normally collected by the customer from the Dealership or Authorised Repairer at which the service or repairs are being carried out.

8. Our partners reserve the right to offer alternative methods of keeping you mobile, as appropriate.

9. Courtesy cars must not be taken from the UK except where this has been agreed with the provider and insurer of the vehicle.

10. Unless agreed otherwise in advance, you will be responsible for fuelling the courtesy car and Onto will reimburse your costs according to the terms of the Onto Fuel Reimbursement Calculator.

11. All other costs including, but not limited to Congestion Charge, Dart Charge, parking fines, tolls etc. are the responsibility of the driver.

12. You may be required to provide a DVLA Code (https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence).

13. Your Onto insurance provides cover for you and additional drivers included in your subscription to drive the courtesy vehicle - please refer to your driver's guide.

14. The courtesy cars may be provided with separate insurance cover, and where provided this may be subject to an excess - it is your responsibility to understand and pay this excess as required. Please discuss this directly with our nominated Dealership, Authorised Repairer or vehicle provider upon collection of the Courtesy car.

15. You may be required to pay a holding deposit on the courtesy vehicle. 

16. When the courtesy car is returned, you are responsible for any damage done to the courtesy car.

17. Onto Fuel Reimbursement Calculator
Onto will reimburse a rate of 0.18p per mile for fuel only when a courtesy vehicle is used whilst our vehicle is off the road due to Breakdown/Non-Fault Claims only. This rate is based on a petrol car (1401cc to 2000cc) and has been taken from the GOV.UK website which gives the Advisory Fuel Rates.

18. A maximum of 25 miles per day is reimbursed based on the expectation of 750 miles per month as set out in the user agreement. 
25 miles per day at 0.18p per mile is a maximum reimbursement of £4.50 a day. If the customer's fuel receipts total less than the amount below, we would only reimburse the amount shown on the receipt.

19. Please send mileage details to [email protected] along with any fuel receipts for fuel used to confirm the distance driven.

20. Find out what information DVLA holds about your driving licence or create a check code to share your driving record, for example, to hire a car.