Rewards Terms


NOTE: Reward program is no longer available.

1.1    To be eligible to participate in Rewards you must be a private customer (not a business user who hires an Onto vehicle using an Onto for business agreement) and be currently hiring an Onto vehicle. 

1.2    Your attention will be directed to these terms and conditions  and you will be asked for your consent to these terms. 

1.3    You must read these terms and conditions in conjunction with the terms and conditions of the Driver Registration /Subscription Agreement and your Hire Agreement (together our “Business Terms”). 

1.4    Any capitalised expressions used below which have not been defined in these terms, will have the same meaning as used in the Business Terms.

1.5    In redeeming benefits awarded to you under Rewards you do so in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Earning & Accumulating

2.1     Rewards will be in the form of points awarded in respect of your vehicle rental price per month and any optional bolt -ons that you select to take and pay for fully in cash. Changes in the package taken are allowed, for example, change of vehicle.

2.2     Points accumulate on a monthly basis.

2.3     A one time award of points up to a maximum value of £80 may be granted if you have been an active customer of Onto for a period of 6 months. This award once earned cannot be earned again during the lifetime of this programme.


Any disagreements or disputes regarding your entitlement to claim or redeem points under Rewards must be raised as soon as possible with us but in any event within two months of the date on which you received your monthly award notification.

Redeeming points

3.1     Accumulated points can be redeemed against the following:

  • Additional named drivers
  • Exchange of vehicle
  • Mileage package
  • Damage excess
  • Reduced damage excess to £350 bolt-on

3.2      Accumulated points cannot be redeemed against the following:

     3.2.1 Vehicle Rental Price (i.e. the standard Vehicle Package as described on the website);

     3.2.2   delivery and collection charges; or 

     3.2.3 the re-charge by Onto of Fines and Penalties. 

3.3      For each £1 spent, one point will be awarded, which will have a redemption value of 2 pence. 100 points will have a redemption value of £2, so for example, 4,000 points awarded will have a redemption value of £80.

3.4.     Points will be valid for 12 months from the monthly points award date. After the validity period has expired, expired points cannot be redeemed. 

3.5      Additional Services selected by you or Eligible Charges applied by us, the cost of which is offset by the use of accumulated points, will be provided or applied in accordance with Onto’s Business Terms (e.g. an Additional Driver needs to comply with our Qualification Criteria etc.). 

3.6      Points may not be used in conjunction with any other promotions, coupons, vouchers, discounts or special offers.

3.7     Points are allocated to one hire account only and are non-assignable and non-transferable.  Your points entitlement will be sent to the e-mail address you have registered with us. 

3.8    FAQs as to how points are earned and redeemed are contained on the Onto website.

Withdrawal & Amendment

5.1.    Onto reserves the right to withdraw, modify, amend, or add to any component of Rewards, or to impose additional requirements or restrictions related to your participation in Rewards. Onto will give you as much advance notice as practicable and in any event not less than 14 days’ written notice.

5.2     If you do not wish to accept such changes you may terminate your participation in accordance with Clause 6 below. If you do not terminate your participation and continue to make redemptions after the change has been made, you will have accepted such change.


6.1   If your registration/subscription agreement is terminated in accordance with our Business Terms, we will allow you a maximum grace period of 12 months (depending on the expiry date of your points) in which to redeem your unexpired accumulated points before ending this Agreement. During this period you will not earn new points.

6.2   You may terminate your participation in Rewards at any time by changing your marketing preferences in My Account. We will allow you a grace period of 12 months in which to redeem your unexpired accumulated points, should you wish to use them.

6.3.   If you breach our Business Terms, so that we terminate you as a Driver we reserve the right to terminate your participation in Rewards, we give you 14 days’ notice of termination. We will not allow you a grace period in which to redeem your points before ending this Agreement.

6.4    Onto may terminate Rewards at any time but will use its reasonable endeavours to give you at least three months’ notice. You acknowledge that at the end of the period of notice your right to use any unused accumulated points will cease.

6.5   Termination of your participation in Rewards does not relieve you of any continuing obligations under our Business Terms.