Car subscription: Do I need a deposit?

Will you need to pay a deposit to start your electric car subscription? With Onto, no deposit is required - we explain how.

Traditionally, when you rented, leased, or bought a car, you were required to pay a deposit before you could start driving. 

Today, a car subscription with Onto is changing the way drivers can access the latest electric vehicles. When you subscribe, you can simply register and book your first car - no deposit required.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about deposits and share how Onto makes it easier to get into an electric car.


  • A deposit is usually the first payment of a lease or hire purchase agreement, or a fee held for the duration on a short-term rental.
  • Car subscriptions with Onto require no deposit or sign-up fee - enjoy all-inclusive access to new electric cars with just your monthly subscription payment!

What is a deposit?

A deposit is the first payment made toward an agreement. You may put down a deposit to confirm that you’ll be entering into a lease, or you may be required to pay one on a rental to ensure it’s returned in the same condition as when you received it. Generally, your initial deposit will be much larger than your regular payments.

For a rental, your deposit is usually returned to you when you bring the car back, unless the car has been damaged or returned without a full tank of fuel. In those cases, the deposit will be put toward covering those or any other costs you’ve incurred, then any remainder will be returned to you.

Lease and hire purchase deposits are slightly different - they’re non-refundable. The deposits on these agreements are used more like first payments toward the vehicles. They confirm that you’re booking the car you’ve chosen and can factor into your monthly payments.

Car subscription with Onto is not a rental, purchase agreement, or lease. It requires no initial deposit - simply pay your monthly fee and you can enjoy all-inclusive access to the latest electric car models.

Do I need to pay a sign-up fee?

No. When you register with Onto, you won’t have to pay any sign-up or registration fees - only £129.50 for delivery and collection.

You’ll be able to register and book your first car without any additional fees - and you’ll only start paying your monthly subscription once you’ve chosen your electric car.

No deposit car subscription

With Onto, you’re not making payments toward ownership or renting a car for a few days - you’re subscribing for all-inclusive access to the latest electric car models. So we don’t require a deposit the way those older methods would.

A car subscription with Onto makes it easier than ever to start driving an electric car. Simply sign up online, complete your registration, and book your first car. And every subscription is all-inclusive - we provide insurance, maintenance, and even free public charging options.

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