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Share your referral code with your friends. When people sign up and subscribe to an Onto car using the referral code you both receive rewards: you (the referrer) get £50 off your subscription payment once and they (the referee) get £50 off one month once.

Definition of terms

Definition of terms

  • Referrer: The person sharing their Onto referral code with someone else
  • Referee: The person being referred by a current Onto member. 
  • Referral code: A 5 digit code provided by Onto to its members. 
  • Rewards: Credit applied to your account as a result of the referral programme.

The following terms and conditions apply

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • The referral code is unique to each member and each account, and it is non-transferable. This means you can not change your code or transfer your rewards to someone else. 
  • The referral code must be entered by the referee on their application before submitting it, it can not be done retrospectively or by the referrer. 
  • Rewards will only be applied if both the referrer and the referee have an active Onto subscription. 
  • Rewards will be applied as credit to your account and can only be used towards Onto subscription payments. 
  • Rewards can not be used to pay for any other payments that are not subscription fees. This means you can not use rewards to pay for non-subscription fees, including but not limited to: reservation deposits, damage deposits, general deposits,  insurance excess, miles overage, damage fees, registration fee, parking charge notices, and home charger installation fees. 
  • Rewards can not be redeemed as cash. 
  • Onto reserves the right to modify all terms and conditions on the referral programme at their sole discretion (this includes the value of the reward). Onto will notify members of any changes by sending out an email and publishing it on their website, with one week's notice. All existing conditions and rewards until that point will be honoured. 
  • Any rewards applied incorrectly will need to be reimbursed by the benefiting customer.

Acting in good faith

Acting in good faith:

We introduced the referral programme for both Onto and its members to benefit. This is done in good faith, and we expect the same good faith in return. Referral rewards may be withheld if we believe an Onto member is acting in bad faith, including but not limited to having any outstanding payments or being in breach of Onto’s subscription/hire agreement. Commercialising, advertising, selling or paying for the use of referral codes is not appropriate, and we may not honour such rewards. We can not cover every possible scenario, but we promise to be fair and act in good faith:


Not Allowed
  • Word of mouth. 
  • Social media sharing.
  • Youtube videos and channels.
  • Online forums.
  • Informational websites and blogs.
  • Advertising.
  • Spam.
  • Anything misleading.
  • Paying or offering other incentives for people to use your code.