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Swapping your car

by Onto|

Swapping your car for something new is one of the most exciting parts of our subscription service. We’re delighted to introduce our new website feature where you can simply book your swap in a few clicks on our website.

It’s all about giving you the freedom and flexibility to switch up what you drive! 

There is no limit to the number of times you can swap your car or when you do it. We understand this may be a new idea and an unfamiliar process, so we’re giving you the ultimate guide to swapping your car!

Why would I want to swap my car?

Unlike a standard car lease or a finance car deal, our subscription gives you the freedom to change the car you drive, should you wish to.

You can select from the newest electric cars with the latest technology, or simply pick and choose between models until you find the perfect fit. You are in control!

Am I eligible to swap my car?

To be eligible for a swap, you just need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have an active subscription
  • Be the main driver on your subscription
  • Not have a collection or swap booked already
  • Swap to a different car model from the one you already have
  • Meet our qualification criteria, including age criteria for the new car 
  • Not have any outstanding payments due on your account

Please note: Onto for Business customers can only book a swap through their fleet manager.

How do I book a swap?

Audi Q4 40 e-tron car page
  1. Login - if you have multiple accounts, make sure you're logged in on the account with an active subscription.
  2. Browse our electric cars to find the car you want and select 'swap my car'.
  3. Enter your location details then select your delivery date and car colour.
  4. Follow the steps to confirm delivery details, add any bolt-ons, and enter payment details.
  5. Agree to the new hire agreement.
  6. Your swap is confirmed and you’re all set!  

How much does it cost?

The fee to swap your car is £79.50, which includes both the delivery of your new car and collection of your current one. Delivery and collection will take place on the same day with the same delivery driver.

When will I be charged for my new subscription?

Customers whose swap date is less than 2 weeks from the date of booking will be charged the full amount for the new subscription up front. 

Those whose swap is more than 2 weeks from the booking date will pay 50% up front, with the remaining 50% being paid on their swap date.

How will this affect my current subscription?

The delivery date that you select for a swap becomes your new hire agreement renewal date.

Your current hire agreement will be affected differently depending on the swap date. There are 3 scenarios that can happen when swapping:

Scenario 1: 

Your new swap date is the same as your renewal date:

This will have no effect on your payment date, as your current agreement will end and you will simply pay the subscription for your new car.

Scenario 2:

Your new swap date is after your renewal date:

Let’s say your renewal date for your current hire agreement is 01/03/22, but your swap date is 05/03/22 - in this instance you will keep your current car until you get your new one, and will be charged pro rata for the extra 4 days you had the car for. After this, the 5th will become your new renewal date.

Scenario 3:

Your new swap date is before your renewal date:

If your current hire agreement renewal date is 07/02/22, but your swap date is prior to this on 03/02/22, for example, your hire agreement will end 4 days early. As you will already have paid for the full month's subscription, you get pro rata credit for the 4 unused days, which will be added to your account, and your new renewal date will be the 3rd of the month.

*We can’t provide the exact pro-rata charges you will incur for additional subscription days as these are calculated to the exact time and date of the swap.

What happens to any unused mileage from my current subscription?

If you are swapping between car models in the same tier, your standard 750 mile monthly allowance will be pro-rated based on the number of days left in your current subscription. Any remaining miles as well as unused miles from any bolt-ons will be added to your account as mileage credit.

However, if you switch between models on different tiers, for example from a Renault Zoe GT Line (tier 1) to an Audi Q4 e-tron (tier 3), you will not be able to transfer any existing mileage credits. We are working on ways to improve this so you don’t miss out on any miles!

For more information about mileage and car tiers, look no further!

What about my Bolt-ons? 

If you have an existing Additional Driver bolt-on it will be automatically added to your new hire agreement to ensure that all additional drivers are carried over to your new car.

Any other existing bolt-ons will need to be added to your new subscription. If you want to add a mileage or reduced excess bolt-on, you can just follow the steps when booking your swap. Once a bolt-on is added, it will then be automatically re-added to your new hire agreement each month.

All bolt-ons are charged up front at the time of booking.

How do I cancel or change a swap?

If you wish to cancel or change a swap once booked, you can do so by contacting our Customer Services team by phone on 0121 387 3502, by mail at [email protected] or via live chat, found in the bottom right corner of our website when available.

We want to hear from you!

This is just the beginning! When you book your swap, we’ll ask you for some feedback, as we’re always looking for ways to improve our online swap service and make life as hassle-free as possible!