Give £100 and get £100: How does refer a friend work?

by Onto|

If you are enjoying your Onto driving experience, why not share the love with your friends and family? 

When they sign up using your referral code, you both get £100 off your subscription (once)!


So how does it work? 

  1. Log in to “My account” and get your referral code 

  2. Share your code with friends and family who want to start an Onto subscription 

  3. They register on our website, and enter your referral code during registration 

  4. When they make their booking, they will get £100 off, and you will get £100 off as well! 


Here you have a bit more information about it...


Is there a limit to how many referrals you can make? 

No. You will get £100 off for every friend that takes on a subscription!

To give you an example, if you are driving a Renault Zoe S Edition and you refer 5 people a month, your Onto subscription would be completely free... 🤑


When do you get the £100 off? 

Your discount will be applied to your account on the day your friend starts their booking, and the £100 will come off your next Onto payment. Your friend will get the £100 off their first subscription payment. 


What happens if by the time your friend starts their subscription, you don’t have a car anymore? 

The £100 credit will still be added to your account, and you can use it when you start your subscription again in the future! 


Are you new to Onto? 

If you have registered with us but don’t have a booking yet, you can still check out your "My Account" page to get your referral code. If you share it with your friends and they get an Onto car, you will still get £100 credit when you start your subscription. 


What are you waiting for? Share your referral code and start paying less for your car!

*For the full terms and conditions, check out this link.

Onto for Business Referral Scheme

We’ve set up an Onto for Business referral scheme so that you can get a £100 eGift card if you refer a friend to Onto* or a company to Onto for Business. In turn, they'll receive £100 off Onto. It’s a win, win situation! Please notethis reward is only available for each friend you refer to Onto as a standard subscriber, not as a business subscriber.

How does I refer a friend to Onto?

1. You’ll find your referral code in the account section of your Onto app*

2. Share your code with friends and family who want to start an Onto subscription**

3. They can register on our website, and enter your referral code during registration

4.When they make their booking, a £100 credit will automatically apply to their first month of subscription, and you will receive a £100 Prezzee voucher in the next couple of days.

*Please note that the current instructions on the app do not apply to Onto for Business customers. We’re currently working on updating this.

**This reward is only available for each friend you refer to Onto as a standard subscriber, not as a business subscriber.

How do I refer a company to Onto for Business?

1. You just need to fill out this company referral form. You’ll need to provide the company name, their company ID and a point of contact.

2. When the company you referred registers their interest in Onto for Business, they'll have to confirm that they’ve been referred.

3. When they make their first booking, a £100 credit will be automatically applied to their first invoice, and you will receive a £100 Prezzee voucher within the next couple of days*.

*Please note that the gift card will be sent to the person who filled out the referral form.

What is Prezzee?

Prezzee is a leading global eGift card platform that allows customers to buy gift cards from 100s of retailers such as Deliveroo, Airbnb and M&S. Check out the full list of retailers you can purchase gift cards from.