Tesla Model 3

Standard Range Plus
215 Real World Miles | 2021 Model
  • Tesla
  • World class
  • Autopilot

Your perfect top end EV. It’s time to find out what the hype is all about. Ground-breaking features and exceptional performance make Tesla truly in a league of their own.

This Tesla has all the flashy features you expect, along with a fresh design and sense of humour this car will turn heads on every journey.

*2021 model comes with black trim around the windows instead of chrome.

£1099 / month
• Zero deposit • Insurance +

Why buy any car?

car review
  • Model Year2020
  • Real World Range (mi)205
  • Battery (kWh)55
  • 0-62 Mph (sec)5.6

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Tesla Model 3
Long Range
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£1299/month incl:
  • No deposit
  • Insurance
  • Charging
  • Maintenance & Servicing
  • Breakdown cover
  • Road tax
  • 24/7 support