Are car leases all-inclusive?

What does a car lease include? Learn how leasing leaves arranging most aspects of driving to you, while a subscription with Onto offers you an all-inclusive experience.

While they may sometimes include breakdown cover or other extras, traditional car leases are far from all-inclusive. When you lease an electric car, your monthly payment only covers your access to that car. 

When it comes to insurance, charging, maintenance, and extra mileage, you’ll have to arrange all of these separately and by yourself. And that can be a huge extra cost, in both time and money.

Onto subscriptions are all-inclusive. We include everything you need to get on the road safely in the latest electric cars. In this article, we’ll take you through all the details and what they mean for you.


  • Car leases are not all-inclusive.
  • Electric car subscriptions with Onto are all-inclusive and feature fully comprehensive insurance, free public charging options, maintenance, and a monthly allowance of 750 miles.

Public charging

If you lease an electric car through a dealer or broker, they won’t pay for your charging - you’ll have to cover all of those costs yourself. 

When you choose an electric car subscription with Onto, we include free public charging options with all of our electric cars. Whenever you need to recharge, you’ll be able to stop at any charger on the Shell Recharge Network and use their public charging facilities for free.

If you’re driving one of our Teslas, you’ll also enjoy free charging at Tesla Supercharger Network locations.


Maintenance is rarely covered when you lease a car, and you’re generally responsible for making any necessary repairs. If something happens, you have to call around and compare quotes from local garages. Or if the dealer will only allow specific approved professionals to make repairs, you may have to travel to inconvenient locations or pay more than you might have with someone local. 

When you’re an Onto subscriber, we include maintenance as standard with every one of our vehicles. As soon as you notice a new warning light, or anything else, just give us a call. Servicing is included and you won’t incur any additional costs aside from damage.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover allows you to call for roadside assistance if your car breaks down.

Sometimes car leases include breakdown cover, however this is guaranteed with every Onto subscription as well as 24/7 access to our Roadside Assistance support. If anything happens, day or night, we’re just a phone call away.

Man driving a Renault Zoe

Monthly mileage

Leases generally have restrictive monthly mileage limits - and exceeding them can mean excessive fees.

As part of your monthly Onto subscription, you get a generous allowance of 750 miles. If you think you might drive more one month, it’s easy to add a package of 250, 500, 750, or 1000 miles.

And if you don’t end up using all of your monthly allowance, it’ll stay in your account as credit for a year. So you can use it next month, or the month after.

Fully comprehensive insurance

When you lease a car, you have to secure your own insurance cover. Getting quotes, calling providers, deciding on extras - the time, not to mention the cost of the cover itself, can really add up.

When you choose a car subscription with Onto, we include fully comprehensive insurance with a £1,000 excess, which can be reduced to £350 with our Reduced Damage Excess bolt-on. Whether you choose a Tesla Model S, an Audi e-tron or a Fiat 500 electric, we’ll have you covered.

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