Does it cost more to insure an electric car?

Is insurance more expensive for electric cars? We look at why electric cars can have higher insurance rates and how an electric car subscription with Onto provides an all-inclusive solution.

When electric cars first came on the market, they were expensive to insure. It often cost more to insure an electric car than it would have to insure a similar petrol car.

But the insurance rates weren’t higher just because the cars ran on electricity instead of petrol. In this article, we’ll explain why electric car insurance used to be more expensive and how an all-inclusive electric car subscription with Onto offers a cost-effective alternative.


  • Electric cars used to have a reputation for being more expensive to insure, but the cost is now more comparable to petrol cars.
  • When you choose a car subscription with Onto, insurance is included with every one of our electric cars.

Why is electric car insurance expensive?

When you get an insurance quote, it’s based partially on your car’s insurance group. 

New cars are assigned car insurance groups from 1 to 50, based on the costs they could represent to insurers. Cars in higher groups will be more expensive to insure, while cars in lower groups will be cheaper to insure. Some of the key factors that determine a car’s insurance group include:

  • Initial purchase price
  • Repair and maintenance costs
  • Replacement part prices

Previously, electric cars automatically fell into higher-numbered insurance groups. They had high initial purchase prices, and there wasn’t any historical data on the cost of maintenance or parts. Electric cars became expensive to insure, and it was difficult to find insurers who would cover them.

Today, electric car insurance has become much more accessible - and significantly cheaper. Insurers have access to a greater range of data on the costs of repairing electric vehicles, and the initial costs of the cars themselves have also come down. 

As a result, many more insurers offer cover for electric vehicles - and at increasingly lower rates.

All-inclusive car subscription with Onto

Electric car insurance has more competitive prices than ever. When you choose an electric car subscription with Onto, we’re able to pass those savings directly on to you.

An electric car subscription with Onto is all-inclusive - we’ve taken care of insurance, maintenance, and even a range of free public charging options. Simply sign up online, complete your registration, and book your first electric car today.

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