How to find the best deals and get a cheap car lease

Are you looking for a cheap car lease? We look at some of the strategies drivers use to try to get deals on their leases, and how a car subscription with Onto can be a more convenient and cost-effective choice than traditional leasing.

What’s the best way to get a deal on an electric car lease? From negotiating with dealers to making larger payments, many drivers think they’ve found the best ways to pay less for their leases.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best-known strategies and how you can save time and hassle with an Onto subscription.


  • Common strategies for getting cheaper car leases include comparison shopping, increasing your deposit, and underestimating your average mileage.
  • Onto regularly check the market to ensure our subscription prices are competitive.
  • An Onto subscription is all-inclusive, with no hidden costs and requires no deposit.
  • Every Onto subscription includes a 750-mile monthly allowance (with the option to add more).

How can you get a better deal on a car lease?

Compare, compare, compare

If you’re looking for the best car leasing deal, expect to dedicate at least a few days to some serious comparison shopping. It’s become easier to lease a car online in recent years, but if you really want to find a cheap car lease, you’ll have to call up individual dealers and see what kind of rates they can offer you directly.

Once you’ve gathered all of your information, you go back to a few of the dealers and try to strike a bargain. But there’s no guarantee you’ll get a substantial saving - and you might just be adding extra time (and stress!) to the whole process.

Put down a larger deposit

Leases are often advertised with numbers like 3 + 24 or 6 + 36. These aren’t a secret code - they’re a way to show the deposit amount and the length of the lease. 

The first number is the number of monthly payments required as a deposit, and the second number is the duration of the lease term.

So a  3 + 24 lease would have three months’ payments as a deposit, then a 24-month lease term. A 6 + 36 lease would have a deposit of six months’ payments and a 36-month lease term.

The price of a lease is usually set for the overall term, so some drivers will choose to put down a larger deposit and lease for a longer term. 

This can mean lower monthly payments, but it also means paying a larger lump sum at the beginning of the lease (which won’t be returned to you at the end) - not to mention having to drive the same car for three or four years.

Agree to a lower annual mileage limit

When you agree to a lease, you agree to a limit on the number of miles you can put on the car. Leases with lower limits tend to be cheaper, and higher limits are usually more expensive.

The limit is based on an estimate you provide, so some drivers will try to save by underestimating their average mileages. 

But excess mileage will incur penalty fees - and you could be charged for additional wear and tear at the end of the lease. Going for a lower mileage might seem like a way to save, but it’s likely to end up costing you even more.

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Why subscription can be more cost effective

When you choose an electric car subscription with Onto, we’ve already done the comparison shopping for you. We constantly monitor the market to ensure we’re offering the most competitive prices for our electric cars, so you can rest assured you’re getting a great deal.

We cut out the hassle and made it easy to access an electric vehicle. Simply register, and you’ll get all the information you need to book your first electric car with confidence, online and in just a few minutes. 

Plus, every Onto subscription is all-inclusive. We’ve taken care of insurance and maintenance, and even include a generous 750-mile monthly allowance with all our electric cars. 

When it comes to leasing, the lease price is sometimes advertised with the monthly payment, which can make it look cheaper. However, when you add the additional costs such as deposit, insurance and charging, it can end up being a significantly higher sum. Onto’s all-inclusive fee includes everything you need to start driving straight away. Flexible and hassle-free.

It’s easy to compare car leasing and subscriptions with our chart below:

Car leasingSubscription with Onto
Deposit3 - 6 months’ monthly paymentsNone
Sign-upOnline, with extensive back-and-forth to finalise digital paperworkEasy to complete online, with all data stored digitally and securely
Contract3 - 5 years, with penalties for ending earlyMonthly, with the option to cancel at any time
FlexibilityDrive the same car for the duration of your leaseStick to one favourite car or choose a new one each month - it’s up to you!
Mileage allowanceCan be as low as 400 miles a month, with fines for going over750 miles per month, with the option of purchasing an additional 250, 500, 750, or 1,000 miles in our app
MaintenanceNot includedIncluded with your Onto subscription
InsuranceNot includedFully comprehensive, included with your Onto subscription
ChargingNot includedFree charging at several nationwide public charging networks

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