Electric car home charging

We’re on a mission to spread the environmental and convenience benefits of electric cars, but some areas of the UK still need better access to public chargers. Partnering with Pod Point gives our subscribers convenient access to home charging. Our free public charging points are not going anywhere, offering all of Onto subscribers flexibility wherever they drive.

Pod Point Home Charging Solution
Why is Onto partnering with Pod Point?

As the UK’s leading home charger company, Pod Point has installed more home chargers in the UK’s homes than anyone else and they’ve powered over 715 million miles of clean electric driving. As such, we’ve partnered with the folks at Pod Point to give you access to a charger whilst your car is parked at home.

Sounds great, so what's the deal?

Onto customers get £100 off a 7kw Solo 3 home charger with a tethered cable for a total of £899. Alternatively, you can get £90 off a 7kw Solo 3 Universal charging unit without a cable for a total of £859. The total price includes standard installation at your home. 

Charge electric car at home
home charging point for electric cars
Who's eligible?

All Onto customers who are active subscribers can take part. The only other requirement is that you need to have off-street parking for your electric car.

Ok, so how do I get the homecharger?

  1. Click through to Pod Point’s website.
  2. Order the charger and let Pod Point know you’re an Onto subscriber by using the following promotional code "ONTOPOD".
  3. Pod Point will get in touch to discuss your options and book in a visit with you to have the charger installed.
Get your Pod Point home charger
The future’s electric

EVs are here to change the face of driving for good. When you see what they’re capable of, you can’t help but feel a rush of excitement. Once you drive one, there’s no going back.

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