What’s the range of an electric car?

How far can most electric cars drive on a single charge? We look at what range is, how it’s determined, and how an Onto subscription can give you the right electric car for your range needs.

In the 1990s, electric cars with new, longer ranges debuted. But drivers didn’t embrace them immediately - they were uncertain. Could 75 miles to a charge be enough to meet their usual needs? And what if they couldn’t find a public charger in time?

Drivers were nervous that electric cars wouldn’t have enough range to cover complete trips, and this fear became known as ‘range anxiety’. 

But today, range anxiety is becoming a thing of the past. Not only does the UK have an extensive network of charging facilities, but most electric vehicles have ranges of at least 120 miles per charge - the Tesla Model 3 Long Range even has a Real World Range of 280 miles!  

Whether you need a range that can cover lots of short city commutes or longer trips out of town, Onto can help you find the right electric car for you.


  • Range is how far an electric car can travel on one charge - most electric cars have ranges of 100-300 miles.
  • Range is set by a test that simulates a variety of driving conditions, but some drivers may have slightly different experiences and refer to their distances as ‘real-world range’.
  • Whatever range you’re looking for, Onto has an electric car that can suit your needs.

What is range?

Range is the distance an electric car can travel on a full charge. 

Ranges were initially set by tests that measured performance over short distances for limited durations and in only one or two driving conditions. These tests couldn’t account for different environments or driving styles, so their estimates were often significantly different from what drivers would actually experience on the road. 

Since 2017, an electric car’s range has been determined by the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure). The test simulates a range of real driving conditions for a more accurate assessment of a car’s energy consumption.

A car’s official range is its WLTP result, but many drivers will still talk about performance in terms of real-world range - the average distance it can travel based on their own experiences.

What affects an electric car’s range?

If you’re trying to make the most of your electric car’s range, these are the factors that will have the biggest impacts:

  • Battery age - a battery will lose some of its ability to hold a full charge over time, but at a very small rate.
  • Battery size - larger batteries tend to have longer ranges.
  • Driving style - breaking hard and accelerating quickly will put more wear on your battery more quickly.
  • Driving environment - colder weather can cause the battery to work harder to power the car, resulting in a reduced range.
Man with electric charging cable in his hand, as he reaches for the boot of a Renault Zoe

What is the average electric car range?

Most electric cars have ranges of 100 to 300 miles. As we’ve explained, many factors can affect an electric car’s Real World Range, but the majority of electric cars will be able to achieve ranges of over 100 miles with ease.

Finding the right range for you with Onto

Whether you’re looking for a car to cover your daily commute or weekend trips out of town, Onto gives you access to electric cars with the right ranges for you. From the 125-mile Volkswagen e-up! to the 280-mile Tesla Model 3 Long Range and everything in between, you’ll be able to choose the EV (electric vehicle) that best fits your needs.

And if those needs change, Onto makes it easy to swap whenever you like.

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