Should I get an electric car?

Is an electric car right for you? Learn about the environmental and economic benefits of driving an electric car, and how Onto could get you into an electric car quickly and conveniently.

Britain has plans to go all electric by 2030, so is now the right time to get an electric car? From the environment to your daily commute, there are loads of benefits to getting ahead of the curve.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best reasons to make the switch, and how a subscription with Onto can get you into the latest electric cars.


  • Electric cars are a great choice for the environment - and for drivers across the UK.
  • Electric cars produce no tailpipe emissions, run much more quietly than petrol cars, and can save you hundreds of pounds on the Congestion Charge!
  • Onto make it easy to get into an electric car with our all-inclusive subscription, with no deposit and no long term commitment.

The benefits of driving an electric car

It seems like there are more electric cars on the road every day, and with good reason - they’re not just the most environmentally friendly choice, they’re also great to drive.

Here are some of the top reasons drivers have traded their petrol cars for electric:

1. Electric cars are eco-friendly

We’ll start with the obvious one - electric cars are better for the environment. Electric cars run on electricity, not petrol. They don’t require a constant supply of petrol, and they aren’t powered by internal combustion engines (ICEs) - meaning they also don’t produce any exhaust. 

No emissions, no need for petrol - there’s no question that electric cars are the way forward.

2. Electric cars are great for city driving

Without an ICE, electric cars not only produce no emissions but are also much quieter to run. This is especially good news for drivers who spend most of their time commuting into and out of the big cities - electric cars won’t contribute to air or noise pollution.

Ranges are constantly improving, so electric cars are also great for getting out of the city. For example, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range has an impressive Real World Range of 280 miles - making it perfect for your daily commute and a weekend trip out of town.

Even the Volkswagen e-up! has a 125-mile Real World Range. That’s plenty for your weekday driving and a weekend meet-up with friends, plus rides home for everyone.

3. Electric cars can be cost-effective

With plans to expand low and ultra-low emission zones around the country, it’s easy to see how electric cars will save you money on additional charges. For example, if you’re planning to drive through central London in a petrol car, you’ll be subject to the £15 Congestion Charge. But if you’re driving an electric car, you’re exempt and won’t pay a thing; you just need to register your car and drive.

Good news! If you need to commute in and out of London, the Dart Charge is included in Onto’s monthly subscription cost, so you don't have to worry about paying it.

And if you’re wondering how much it costs to charge an electric car, it’s free at a range of convenient partner locations when you’re an Onto subscriber. We include free public charging at Shell Recharge with all of our electric vehicle subscriptions. And if you’ve chosen a Tesla, you’ll also enjoy access to the Tesla Supercharger Network.

Electric car subscription with Onto

Are you ready to start driving an electric car? We make it easy. 

Simply sign up online, and you’ll be able to register and book your first EV. There’s no deposit required, and you’ll only begin paying your monthly subscription fee when you’ve made your first booking.

Subscription with Onto is all-inclusive. We take care of insurance, maintenance, and a wide range of public charging options - so you can simply enjoy driving.

What’s more, if a different model catches your eye, it’s easy to swap cars whenever you like.

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