Is now the time to get an electric car?

Is it the right time to make the switch to an electric car? We look at the changes encouraging drivers to go electric - and how an Onto electric car subscription makes it easy.

In 2011, the government introduced the plug-in car grant. Drivers could offset the cost of a new plug-in electric car, and fewer new petrol cars would end up on the road. In fact, nearly half a million lower emission vehicles were purchased through the grant.

The plug-in grant was so successful in getting drivers to choose greener vehicles that the government recently decided to end it. They’re now concentrating on achieving the same results with vehicles like vans and taxis, and investing in charging infrastructure.

After hearing about how many drivers have already made the switch, you may be wondering if you should get an electric car now.

There’s never been a better time to drive an electric car in the UK. With so many improvements made over the last decade and ambitious plans for the future, it’s easier than ever to start driving an electric car. 

In this article, we’ll share what’s already been implemented, what’s on the horizon, and how you can get into an electric car with Onto.


  • With more charging points on the roads and ambitious plans to phase out petrol cars, there’s never been a better time to drive an electric car in the UK.
  • It’s easier than ever to access an electric car with an all-inclusive subscription from Onto!

The electric vehicle strategy

Since 2020, when the UK made a commitment to stop selling new petrol cars by 2030, the country and the vehicle industry at large have begun embracing electric cars en masse. Over £3 billion has been invested in zero emission vehicles, and 190,000 electric cars were sold in 2021 alone.

Nearly one in eight new cars purchased in 2021 was an electric car, and figures are likely to be even higher in 2022. With ambitious targets for clean vehicle sales for 2024, the government is solidly in support of electric vehicles - and drivers are following suit.

Improving charging infrastructure

Expanding the country’s charging infrastructure has been one of the biggest ways the government has supported the switch to electric vehicles. Just five years ago, there were only a few thousand charge points across the country. Today, there are nearly 30,000 - and the goal is to increase that number to 300,000 by 2030.

With plans already in motion to improve local on-street charging points and build new high-powered charging facilities along key routes, it’ll become even easier to find convenient places to charge your electric car.

Getting an electric car with Onto

Take advantage of all the benefits of driving an electric car, without all the hassles of traditional leasing or ownership, with an electric car subscription from Onto. We make it easy to start driving a new electric car - simply sign up online, complete your registration, and book your first car.

And there’s no deposit needed. Your monthly subscription fee gives you access to the latest electric car models and our all-inclusive service - insurance, maintenance, and free public charging options are all included as standard with every Onto subscription.

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