How long can you lease a car?

Is there a limit to the number of months you can lease a car? Is it possible to lease a car from month to month? We explain some of the limitations of lease terms and how subscriptions offer a more convenient alternative.


  • Most car leases are two or three years, but some are as short as one year or as long as five years.
  • A car lease has one set term and doesn’t run month to month after.
  • Onto subscriptions are monthly - keep driving your current car as long as you like, or swap it for another model next month!

How long is a car lease?

The average electric car lease term is two or three years. Occasionally, you can find one-year leases, but leases are usually at least two years.

The maximum lease term tends to be four or five years.

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Can you lease a car month to month?

When you lease a car, you’re agreeing to lease it for a set term. Unlike a lease on a property, you’re not able to sign on for a year then go month to month on an initial agreement - a car lease is for one specific amount of time.

This also means that you’re committed to the same vehicle for anywhere from two to five years. If you’re a few months into driving and you realise your car doesn’t really fit your needs, or you like next year’s model better after it’s released, you won’t be able to switch cars - at least not without massive penalty fees.

Monthly subscriptions with Onto

With Onto, your monthly subscription gives you access to the latest electric cars - and the freedom to choose newer models as soon as they’re available. 

Every month you get to decide whether you want to continue, swap or stop. You’re completely in control!

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