What’s the best car to lease in London?

Which car is the best one to lease in London? Whether you commute into the city every day, head out of town at the weekends, or spend your free time going much further afield, we explore some of the top electric vehicles (EVs) to consider.

Should you lease a car in London?

Leasing was once the only option for drivers who wanted access to the latest electric cars, but weren’t interested in committing to outright ownership. Leasing was considered to be a lower commitment than owning a car, but subscription providers like Onto now offer far more flexibility.

Electric car leases require large upfront deposits, then monthly payments for anywhere from one to five years. If you realise during your lease that the car you’ve chosen doesn’t work well for you, or there’s a newer model you’d rather try, there’s no way to exchange it for another vehicle. And ending the lease early always comes with significant penalty fees.

In this article, we’ve looked at the best cars to lease in London for a few different situations, but we know that most drivers won’t always fall into one of three categories. 

With Onto, you can master your daily commute one month, then head somewhere remote for a week of wild camping the next - ultimately, the choice is yours.

What’s the best car to lease in London… if you commute?

If most of your driving happens between your house and your office in the city on weekdays and you stay more local on the weekends, you’re probably racking up the miles each week.

Your main criterion for the best car for you might not only be the one with the longest range, but also one that’s easy to find parking for, or one that has enough seats for transporting friends home after a day out. 

If you’re looking for something compact, the Fiat 500 Electric Icon Hatchback could be the best car for you. With a Real World Range of 145 miles, it’s perfect for daily driving to and from the office and running errands around town. And it comes in a convertible, too - perfect for cruising around the city on sunny days!

If you know you’ll need more room, why not consider the Hyundai IONIQ or the Peugeot e-2008? Both have Real World Ranges of 155 miles, which should be more than enough for your regular commute, plus a few outings with friends on the weekend.

A red Renault Zoe parked on the road

What’s the best car to lease in London… if you spend your weekends in the country (or by the sea)?

If you commute during the week but use your weekends to head to an Airbnb in the country or on the coast, you’re likely to want something easy to handle in the city - but with a long enough range to handle the distance out of town.

The four-door Renault Zoe could be your best bet on both city streets and country lanes. Compact, yet with enough room for a weekend bag - and even a friend or two - the Renault Zoe boasts an impressive Real World Range of 190 miles.

If you think you might need a longer range or more room for extra passengers, the Volkswagen ID3 might be the best option for you. Great for families, it’s comfortable and has plenty of room - not to mention a 215-mile Real World Range.

What’s the best car to lease… if you really like getting out of London?

For you, having a car is all about being able to get away from the urban grind and off the beaten path. You’re always setting off for remote areas you haven’t explored before, and planning your next hiking or camping excursion.

The Audi Q4 40 e-tron will get you to your destination comfortably and in style. The compact SUV features a Real World Range of 255 miles - enough room for all your gear and enough range to get you somewhere suitably remote!

Of course, when it comes to range, there’s no comparison to the Tesla Model 3. Featuring a 280-mile Real World Range, the Tesla Model 3 has no problem with long distances - see where it could take you!

In conclusion…

There are many electric car options out there to suit your London lifestyle. 

Onto subscriptions offer a much more convenient way to access the latest electric cars. Simply register online, search stock in your area, and reserve your first EV. There’s no deposit required, and you’ll only pay a monthly subscription fee based on which of our electric cars you choose. 

Plus servicing, maintenance and free public charging at several nationwide networks, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered and never far from a charge…wherever the M25 may lead you.

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