Electric Love: why the eco-friendly have the greatest dating success

by Onto|

New research by Onto reveals the eco-friendly have the greatest dating success!

New research by electric car subscription service Onto reveals the eco-friendly are luckiest in love, with 61% of eco-conscious Brits finding it easy to get a date, compared to just 33% of people who say they are not environmentally minded. In fact, over a third (35%) of Brits would not go on a date with someone if they knew they didn’t care about the environment, with women and baby boomers particularly put off by this.

The research of 2,000 people shows that it’s goodbye to gas-guzzling sports cars and hello to environmentally friendly electric vehicles with two-thirds (65%) of Brits saying they'd prefer to pick up their date in an EV than a sports car. A third (35%) say they would find it attractive if their date owns an electric car, and people are more likely to “swipe right” if a person includes an electric car, rather than a petrol or diesel car, in their dating profile picture. Indeed, over half (56%) of very eco-conscious people would swipe right if an EV was pictured. 

A diagram showing that it's easier to find love if you're eco-conscious with the following statistics. 61% of eco-conscious Brits find it easy to get a date compared to 33% of non eco-conscious Brits find it easy to get a date. 35% are unlikely to date someone they knew didn't care about the environment. A diagram showing that 65% of people would rather pick up their date in an electric car compared to 35% who would prefer to pick up their date in a sports car.A diagram showing answers to the question, "What would be your ideal car date?". The most popular answer is a road trip with 26% of the total responses.

Littering is seen as the biggest dealbreaker in a potential partner by almost half (48%) of participants. Again, there is a gender divide with 54% women saying it’s a dealbreaker versus 41% men. Consuming excessive energy through leaving the lights on comes in second, having been found to be a dealbreaker by a quarter (24%) of people. And, for 11% of Gen. Z driving a petrol or diesel car is a dealbreaker. 

Over 80% of Brits want their date to make at least one commitment to being eco-conscious with setting up a recycling system coming out on top. There are however generational differences in the eco-commitments people look for. Baby Boomers are more likely to want their date to set-up a recycling system (45%) or reduce their energy consumption (44%), whereas Gen. Z are more likely to want them to switch to an electric car (20%) or only buy sustainable brands or second-hand clothing (16%).

A diagram showing that littering is the biggest eco dating dealbreaker and that setting up a recycling system is the best commitment to the environment that people would like their date to make.

Dating expert Hayley Quinn shares her top tips on how people can show off their eco-credentials and help bag themselves a date. 

A photograph of Hayley Quinn sitting in a chair facing towards the camera and smiling with her head tilted slightly on one side. In the background is a window looking out into a green garden with a rosebush close to the window.

Hayley says: “Whilst maybe it was cool in the 1980s to pull up on your date in a gas guzzling sports car, times have changed, and so it’s no surprise that being eco-conscious is a desirable characteristic in a date. This new research from electric car subscription service Onto suggests that eco conscious daters find it easier to get a date and so the good news is, if you’re militant about sorting out your recycling, or proudly drive an electric car, you could find yourself with more matches, who you’re more compatible with.

Successful dating really is one big communication skills exercise, so if sustainability is important to you, it’s time to flag that to potential dates.” 

  1. Choose illustrative photos for your dating app profile. Apart from being your chance to look good, a well thought out photo also tells a thousand words. Don’t write anything into your profile that could be better communicated by a photo instead. If sustainability is your thing, a well placed photo of you at a food market, with unpackaged veggies could work well. Equally you could be photographed with your electric car, or your best pre-loved wardrobe. 

  2. Cut your dating profile down to what’s really important. Look, everyone loves travel, good food and laughs with friends, so don’t make this the centrepiece of your dating app profile. Avoid tedious sentences that list your hobbies, “I like tennis, rowing and running club,” this will accidentally make you sound just like everyone else! Instead if you’re “An emphatic recycling sorter,” “Potential winner of MasterChef Vegan Edition,” or simply, “Likes mending things and looks pretty at home in a tool belt”? Think about that witty one liner, that’s crammed full of personality, to use on your profile instead. 

  3. Ask people on dates you’d like to go on anyway. To keep your dating motivation levels high it’s imperative that you go on dates that you’d enjoy even if the date is a bust. If your normal Saturday plans involve a farmer’s market, working on your allotment, or rustling up some yummy veggie food invite your potential date along. Yes, it’s a little riskier than simply saying, “how about drinks this Friday?” but ultimately you want to attract the people who are most compatible with you: so don’t be afraid to become a little more marmite in stating your dating preferences. 

  4. Get Creative. If your first few dates have gone well, think outside the box with your date planning. Show your green credentials by getting bikes, walking, or using an electric car for your dates. In Onto’s research people took a real shine to stargazing and road trips. So, why not grab a rug, reusable flask and picnic essentials and set up camp beneath the night’s sky or, hop in your EV and head out on a romantic day trip to the coast. #swoon

“Successful dating really is about becoming more you, rather than less you, than ever before: so, if you’re an eco-conscious dater, show those credentials with pride, to find your perfect match.” 

About the research:

3Gem Research & Insights conducted a survey of 2,000 UK adults aged 18-65 on behalf of electric car subscription service Onto. They were surveyed online from 27th July to 1st August 2022. Quotas were applied to Age, Gender & Region, to ensure the sample was representative of all UK adults, aged 18-65 years old.

Results have been reported at a Total Sample level, and by Gender, UK region and generation based on year of birth, defined as follows:

·        Generation Z : born 1994-2001 (n=419)
·        Millennials : born 1980-1993 (n=659)
·        Generation X : born 1965-1979 (n=597)
·        Baby Boomers : born 1946-1964 (n=325)