Electric cars we’re excited to see in 2023! 

by Onto|

The electric car world had a huge year in 2022 with new car registrations increasing by 40% compared to the year before, and the launch of several new car models including the Citroën AMI, Renault Megane E-Tech and BMW i7.Now in 2023, things are only getting more exciting with a number of new cars being unveiled that we can’t wait to see on the road. Here, we take a look at the six we’re most excited about this year…

Fisker Ocean

Joining the Onto fleet later this year, and entering the UK market mid- 2023, the Fisker Ocean will be one of the most sustainable electric cars in the world - thanks to its sustainable manufacturing processes, vegan interiors and the use of upcycled materials like recycled fishing nets and fibres. It’s also packed with quirky features like a rotating 17” central screen switching from portrait to landscape and “California mode” which opens the sunroof, all the windows - including the rear windscreen all at once! Not only that, the Fisker Ocean will be perfect for any adventure with its huge 340 miles of range. 

Peugeot e-308

The Peugeot 308 represents a new era of Peugeot, being the first car model to feature the new Peugeot badge and with this new era comes the electric version of it! Featuring a sleek interior with a large central touchscreen and Peugeot's i-cockpit, the e-308 truly feels like a car built for the future. This new electric hatchback will have a hefty 238 miles of range thanks to its all new electric powertrain, and with its 51 kWh battery you won’t need to wait around for it to charge! 

Abarth 500e

Due to arrive in the summer of 2023, the Abarth 500e is one we can’t wait for! With its retro styling with some sporty infusions, it’s certainly going to catch the eye. Abarths are known for their iconic sound, but as we transition to an electric future, that sound has quietened down. So the Abarth team installed a sound generator and amplifier to the 500e, helping to replicate the intense sensations of its ICE counterpart. 

Jeep Avenger 

The Jeep Avenger is Jeep’s first foray into the ever-growing electric car scene, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! The Avenger is one of the smaller cars Jeep has produced, though it’s undeniably Jeep with its iconic front grille and jumped-up ride height. The Avenger will be the perfect companion for outdoor adventures thanks to its 248 mile range, rapid charging and an array of different driving modes for various terrains. 

Rolls Royce Spectre 

For those who want something a little more luxurious, Rolls Royce has the perfect car for you - Spectre. With deliveries due in late 2023, the Spectre model is the first fully electric car for Rolls Royce, heralding a new era for the brand. As to be expected, Spectre will be the epitome of luxury with the finest materials and the latest technology - it can be all yours for just £500,000…

Kia EV9 

With its rugged and muscular stance, the EV9 is certainly going to be turning heads out on the road. With an impressive range of 330 miles you won’t need to, nor will you want to leave the comfort of the SUV - with its huge panoramic sunroof, it’s flooded with natural light and scenery setting a new standard of comfort. 


With new developments in battery technology, motors and new models coming thick and fast, we really cannot wait to see what the future holds for the electric car industry! Are there any models that we’ve missed that you can’t wait to see? Let us know in the Onto Community…